Susan's Atlas

As you may know I was shooting the Unisphere for a photo exhibit. One night, after I was "done shooting" I was sitting by the base and there was a number of skateboarders doing tricks and the like. I've always enjoyed tracking shots so I was there shooting them as they went by. It was a bit of challenge to expose being it was a night shot but I had a bright light in my face. This picture spent more then a few minutes in editing software.

When I showed this photo to friends. Reactions were mixed but extreme. Some people loved it, some people hated it, there was no middle ground. As far as the exhibit was concerned, I waned work that most people were going to like but I liked this picture. Not just because it was technically difficult, at my current skill level, but because I liked the art of it.

One night I was chatting with my dear friend Susan and I asked her opinion. Susan launched into a multi-paragraph dissertation on how the skater evoked Atlas holding the globe. Now I'm a shallow thinker and I see a skater and the globe, but she saw something more. The photo is named for her.

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Sean Reiser is a Developer, Technologist, Amateur Photographer and all-around Geek.

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